El Programa de la Conferencia GHEC 2016 (traducción seguirá)

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We are excited to share with you the framework for the conference program!  This is a working schedule, and we are in the process of confirming speakers and topics, and adding more detail to the schedule.  Invited presenters are noted with an asterisk.  Please check back often to find out more about the speakers and topics at the GHEC 2016!

Time Topic Speakers  
  Organizational & Leadership Development (Day 1)    
08:00-09:00 Registration    

Lessons on Starting an Organization
Starting an organization from scratch is tough work. Learn how to be most
effective in your leadership role, how to build trust among team members
and constituents, maintain healthy relationships when facing conflict,
and confront difficult issues effectively. This is a practical workshop on
how to establish and sustain a national home education organization. What is
the form of the organization? Nonprofit? What services should be offered?
How should the board be set up? These questions and more will be explored.

Dan ReinhardtDan Reinhardt  
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break    

Organizational Models (Part I)
The need for an organization has been identified plus more than enough local,
regional, national, and international interest. What should be done next? Write
preliminary vision and mission statements? Determine organization and membership
structure? Formulate membership requirements? Should a professional or layman
draft articles of incorporation and bylaws? What should be the financial
considerations with regards to budgets, revenue, and dues? Join this panel of
high powered international home education leaders as they share their insights,
wisdom, and practical ideas.

Alberto SolanoAlberto Solano          Edric MendozaEdric Mendoza
Gerald HuebnerGerald Huebner         Karobia NjoguKarobia Njogu
12:00-13:00 Lunch  

Organizational Models (Part II)
We live in a very global world. This session will cover how the lessons
learned from other leaders can easily be applicable to any type of organization
or team. The need for organizations to keep pace when developing and structuring
their framework is imperative. Leaders should be competent to drive the
organization forward in a sometimes volatile and uncertain climate. A simple model
can provide clarity during the framing and developing stages. Discover the power of
influence and its appropriate ways to use it from personal examples.

Leendert van OostrumLeendert van OostrumSergio SaavedraSergio Saavedra
Stuart ChapmanStuart Chapman          Tim ChenTim Chen

Legal Advocacy Association
How to start a nonprofit advocacy association to establish, defend, and
advance the right of parents to direct the education of their children and
to protect families. This information will facilitate discussion on how to
move forward to insure the basic, fundamental rights of home educating families.

Leendert van OostrumLeendert van OostrumMike DonnellyMike Donnelly
Paul FarisPaul Faris
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    

Roundtable Q&A
This flexible format will offer attendees extended discussion of ideas,
provide an excellent venue for giving and receiving targeted feedback,
afford engaging in-depth discussions, and meeting colleagues with
similar interests.

GHEC Board Moderates  


Time Topic (Leadership or Family Tracks Available) Speakers  
08:00-09:00 Registration    
  Organizational & Leadership Development (Day 2)    

Leadership Lessons
Being in a leadership position is tough work. Often these difficulties
come in the form of conflict with people. How can you as a leader build
trust among your team members and constituents, maintain healthy
relationships when facing conflict, and confront difficult issues effectively?
In this workshop, Davis gives four leadership lessons he has learned first-hand
from the field and in the trenches. You will learn how to be more effective in
your leadership role.

Davis CarmenDavis Carmen  

Developing Leadership: The Foundation for the Future
Research shows that unless you intentionally address significant transitions,
your life and leadership will likely flounder. There is a critical window of
opportunity in the life of every leader. While some proceed on their own to
maximum effectiveness, most need help to understand what is going on and what
shifts to make. If a leader chooses to intentionally pursue development during
this critical window, the success of their leadership is greatly improved!

Dan ReinhardtDan Reinhardt  
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break    

Financing Your Organization
A crucial reality for any organization, small or large, is the question, "How
will we fund our work?" Gathering like-minded people and identifying sources of
potential revenue is no less important in the homeschool movement. Leendert and
Paul have years of history making practical decisions with their organizations in
this area and will share lessons learned and tips.

Leendert van OostrumLeendert van OostrumPaul FarisPaul Faris  
12:00-13:00 Lunch  

Support to Home Educating Families Through Conferences
Conference planning includes many aspects: picking dates, choosing a facility,
preparing a budget, negotiating contracts, getting sponsorships, screening vendors,
interviewing speakers, and publications just to name a few. Glean from the expertise
of seasoned homeschool veterans as you embark on coordinating a conference.

14:00-15:30 Leadership Session V    
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    
  For the Family: Equipping You to Home Educate Your Children    

Why Home Educate?
Compelling reasons to educate your children at home, including academics,
negative influences in the public school sphere, a parent's faith or
philosophical motivations, and/or the desire to create an individualized
education tailored to your child.


Join us as we consider some of these factors: Debra Bell, PhD, on academic
motivations; Edésio Reichert and Miguel Nagib on political and ideological
indoctrination in schools; Rachael Carmen on faith motivations; and Tatiana
Espíndola and Claudio Oliver on specialized education, and in particular,


Debra BellDebra Bell                                  Edésio Reichert



               Miguel Nagib               Rachael CarmanRachael Carman





               Tatiana Espíndola                       Claudio Oliver

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break    

Home Education: The Right Choice for Our Family
Anyone involved in educating their children at home gets tired and needs some
encouragement to persevere. Join real-life homeschool parents as they share
insights and encouragement to spur you on in your unique homes education


Hear the stories of Barb West, GHEC Board member, and her family homeschooling
around the globe; Leigh Bortins and her family's unique homeschool journey
operating Classical Conversations; and Ricardo Iene helping to pioneer home
education in Brazil.


Barbara WestBarbara West                               Leigh Bortins



                Ricardo Iene

12:00-13:00 Lunch  
(Option I)

Brazilian Home Education: Practical Issues
Even though it is becoming more mainstream around the globe, home education is
still a very foreign world to many. Questions fly everyday: “How do you do it?”
“What is your day like?” Why do you do it?” “Is it legal?” “What about
socialization?” “Can they get into university?” Be affirmed, encouraged,
challenged, and inspired as you contemplate the choice of home education.


Hear from Carla Ferro on the relation of the homeschool families with enforcement
agencies in the issue of children's rights; Carlos Nadalim on his online courses and
teaching resources; Fabio Stopa Schebella on advice to start your home education
journey; Francisco Marques on innovative ways to make education more interactive;
Glaucia Mizuki on getting a plan in place and the variety of homeschool materials
available; and Gustavo Abadie on he and his wife's experiences helping homeschool


                Carla Ferro                                  Carlos Nadalim



Fabio SchebellaFabio Stopa Schebella                  Francisco Marques



                Glaucia Mizuki                Gustavo AbadieGustavo Abadie

(Option II)

Home Education and Faith
Teaching religious education at home is a wonderful option for many families.
Parents that teach religion at home will not only pass on their core convictions
but will help their children develop a personal faith and grow in faith. A
byproduct will be a strengthening of the relationship between parent and child.

Bo SanchezBo Sanchez                                     Paulo Fernando



               Timothy Brennan, Sr.

(Option I)

Brazilian Home Education: Legal Issues
What parents need to know about the legality of home education in Brazil and what
to expect. Join Alexandre Magno Moreira, legal advisor to ANED and attorney for the
Ministry of Edcuation; Ricardo Iene, president of ANED (Associação Nacional de
Educação Domiciliar); and Prof. Dr. Édison Prado de Andrade whose PhD thesis focused
on the rights of families to home education.

Alexandre Magno MoreiraAlexandre Magno Moreira                 Ricardo Iene



                Prof. Dr. Édison Prado de Andrade

(Option II)

Developing Your Child's Character
How do you shape your child's character alongside the academic investment you are
making in their life? Be equipped and encouraged to remember the impact of your
everyday education. Christine Vollmer of Alianza Latinoamericana para la Familia
will share.

                Christine Vollmer
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    


Time Topic Speakers  
16:00-18:00 Registration    
18:00-19:00 Opening Reception with Hors d'ouevres Informal Networking  

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Why a global conference on home education? Why Brazil? What has
happened since the GHEC 2012 in Berlin? The opening session of the
second Global Home Education Conference will feature distinguished
guests and help us catch the vision for the following days.

Alexandre Magno MoreiraAlexandre Magno Moreira       Rep. Lincoln PortelaRep. Lincoln Portela


Jonas HimmelstrandJonas Himmelstrand*               Gerald HuebnerGerald Huebner

20:30-22:00 Directed Networking & Introductions    


Time Topic Speakers  
  Home Education: It's A Right    
09:00-10:30 Home Education: It's A Right (Part I) Rep. Dorinha SeabraRep. Dorinha Seabra        Rep. Eduardo BolsonaroRep. Eduardo Bolsonaro


Rep. Lincoln PortelaRep. Lincoln Portela         Dr. Michael FarrisDr. Michael Farris


Justice Tom ParkerJustice Tom Parker*

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break    
11:00 - 12:30 Home Education: It's A Right (Part II) Rep. Amanda PasdonRep. Amanda Pasdon*                    Erwin Fabián García López*


                Dr. Jan de Groof*             Mike DonnellyMike Donnelly

12:30-14:00 Lunch  
14:00-15:30 Workshop Session 1    
  Research Presentations Call for Research Proposals Submitters  
  One Goal, Many Motivations: Exploring Reasons to Home Educate Bo SanchezBo Sanchez                      Debra BellDebra Bell



                Edésio Reichert                                Miguel Nagib



Jonas HimmelstrandJonas Himmelstrand*                        Timothy Brennan, Sr.

  Effective Policy Advocacy: Equipping Home Education Leaders


                Erwin Fabián García López Irina ShamolinaIrina Shamolina



                Dr. Jan de Groof*                 Dr. Michael FarrisDr. Michael Farris



Sergio SaavedraSergio Saavedra                   Tim ChenTim Chen

  To Regulate or Not? What is the Role of the State
in Home Education?
Rep. Amanda PasdonRep. Amanda Pasdon*         Lindsey BurkeLindsey Burke


Rep. Dorinha SeabraRep. Dorinha Seabra           Rep. Eduardo BolsonaroRep. Eduardo Bolsonaro


Rep. Lincoln PortelaRep. Lincoln Portela            Marcel van HattemRep. Marcel van Hattem

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    
16:00-17:30 Workshop Session 2    
  Research Presentations Call for Research Proposals Submitters  
  Power of Relationships: Home Education and Family Bo SanchezBo Sanchez                                        Christine Vollmer


               Rich and Barb Heki*

  Is Home Education a Human Right? Mike DonnellyMike Donnelly                      Roger KiskaRoger Kiska


Justice Tom ParkerJustice Tom Parker*

  Homeschoolers and Society: Where do homeschoolers fit and
how do they contribute to and interact with society?
André SternAndré Stern                                         Luiz Carlos Faria  
17:30-19:00 Affinity Group Meetings: By Topic or Region    


Time Topic Speakers  
  Home Education: It's Success    
09:00-10:30 What Does the Research Say:
Natural & Non-Institutional Learning                                               
Debra BellDebra Bell                            Sugata MitraSugata Mitra
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break    
11:00-12:30 Workshop Session 3    
  Research Roundtable Sugata MitraSugata Mitra, Moderator  
  Organize for Success Alberto SolanoAlberto Solano                     Dan ReinhardtDan Reinhardt


Edric MendozaEdric Mendoza                    Tim ChenTim Chen

  Alternative Education in Latin America &
The Movement Behind "La Educación Prohibida"
                Erwin Fabián García López* Franco IacomelloFranco Iacomello


                Helena Singer

12:30-14:00 Lunch    
14:00-18:00 Tour to Local Attraction: Cristo Redentor (Optional)

Via Cathedral Glória do Outeiro, Maracanã Stadium,
Tijuca forest with a scenic stop at Favela Dona Marta

18:00-21:00 Dinner    
20:00-23:00 "La Educación Prohibida" and Q&A Hosted by Franco Iacomella  


Time Topic Speakers  
  Home Education: Moving Forward    
09:00-10:30 Home Education Around the World: Struggles,
     Successes, and Strategies
Alberto SolanoAlberto Solano           Alexandre Magno MoreiraAlexandre Magno Moreira


Edric MendozaEdric Mendoza            Gerald HuebnerGerald Huebner


Irina ShamolinaIrina Shamolina          Karobia NjoguKarobia Njogu


Leendert van OostrumLeendert van OostrumMike DonnellyMike Donnelly


Sergio SaavedraSergio Saavedra         Stuart ChapmanStuart Chapman


Tim ChenTim Chen

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break    
11:00-12:30 How Home Education Changed My Life André SternAndré Stern                Bo SanchezBo Sanchez  
12:30-14:00 Lunch  
14:00-15:30 Workshop Session 4    
  Research Presentations Call for Research Proposals Submitters
  Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Strategies for A Global Movement Edric MendozaEdric Mendoza             Irina ShamolinaIrina Shamolina


Gerald HuebnerGerald Huebner           Sergio SaavedraSergio Saavedra


Tim ChenTim Chen

  Graduates Testify  Success in Life André SternAndré Stern                                  Betsy Woodruff*



               Lorene Iene                                   Marian Solano



Paul FarisPaul Faris                                    Timothy Brennan, Jr.

  Judicial Action: Cases, Comments, and Courts Alexandre Magno MoreiraAlexandre Magno Moreira              Dirk Wunderlich*


Mike DonnellyMike Donnelly                  Roger KiskaRoger Kiska


Justice Tom ParkerJustice Tom Parker*

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    
16:00-17:30 Workshop Session 5    
  Research Presentations Call for Research Proposals Submitters
  Home Education in Brazil: Practical Issues                 Carlos Nadalim                               Miguel Nagib
  Home Education and Your Special Needs Child                 Andréa Peixoto               Jonas HimmelstrandJonas Himmelstrand*
  Relationship Models Between Authorities and Home Educators Leendert van OostrumLeendert van Oostrum     Paul FarisPaul Faris


Sergio SaavedraSergio Saavedra              Stuart ChapmanStuart Chapman

18:00-19:0 Event Summary & Moving Forward: Using the Rio Framework Alexandre Magno MoreiraAlexandre Magno MoreiraGerald HuebnerGerald Huebner
19:00-21:00 Closing Reception with Hors d'ouevres Informal Networking  


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