Rafael Falcón


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Editorial Advisor, Editora Concreta | "Curso de Latim" Online

Rafael Falcón, M.A., is an independent researcher and Editorial Advisor to Editora Concreta. He lectures, as a guest of institutes and other organizations, on a variety of topics, from classical literature to pedagogy and moral philosophy. His own projects include the first Brazilian Online Latin Course ("Curso de Latim"), with hundreds of students.

Falcón has taught children and adults various subjects such as ESL, History, and Portuguese Composition. He holds a degree in languages and literature (Letras), focused in Latin, and a Master's degree in Classical Studies (both from University of São Paulo). He has published academic articles on classical poetry, cultural studies, discourse analysis and rhetoric, and a literary commentary on verses of the poets Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage and Ovid.

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