Jonas Himmelstrand


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GHEC 2012 Chairman | President of Rohus

Jonas currently serves as president of ROHUS, the Swedish Association for Home Education. Jonas has worked for 30 years as a management consultant with human potential as his main interest. He has taken this interest into his family life, which has led he and his wife to home educate their three children.

However, home care and home education proved difficult in the political climate in Sweden, and Jonas wanted to understand the mechanisms. This led to the Swedish book “Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden,” published in 2007, and the founding of the think-tank The Mireja Institute. A speech based on his book given at a Swedish Parliament seminar was translated to English and has led to a large international interest in the problematic issues with Swedish family policies. Jonas was invited to join the EU Family Platform project. During 2011 he spoke on this theme in nine cities in eight countries, including at the United Nations in New York.

As a board member of the Swedish family organisation Haro, Jonas has been the project leader of three large conferences in Sweden on the problems with Swedish family policies. He is also a faculty intern at the Neufeld Institute and the director of the Neufeld Institute in Sweden.

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