Édison Prado de Andrade

Faculty of Law, Padre Anchieta University Center, Jundiaí

Prof Dr. Edison Prado de Andrade is a lawyer, law professor and government adviser.  He has worked for seventeen years in the field of children's rights. Among his many activities in this area, he was president of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Teenagers in Jundiaí,SP; guest speaker at the São Paulo School of Government; and public servant with the National Secretariat of Social Assistance, and General Coordinator for Socio-Educational Measures and Eradication of Child Labor in the Federal Government of Brazil.

In 2014 he defended his thesis from the University of São Paulo, entitled "Family Education: De-schooling and the Rights of Children and Adolescents—Relevance, Limits and Possibilities" on the topic of expanding the right to education. He argues that all forms of "desescolarizado" education promoted by parents of the students should be allowed and encouraged by the Brazilian government, although under state control, and the new conditions brought about by post-industrial societies and technology, and the potential of deschooled family education to transform societies, should be taken into consideration.

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