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A beautiful and popular destination, Rio de Janeiro is referred to as the Cidade Maravilhosa or marvelous city by those who know it best. Sunny Rio de Janeiro will play the host for the GHEC 2016 and offers a stunning backdrop for the second global home education conference. Rio Galeão–Tom Jobim International Airport is a major transportation hub and extends easy access to conference attendees.

Famed for its miles of beaches, the Cristo Redentor statue soaring above the city, and lush, tropical forests, Rio de Janeiro is the most visited destination in Brazil. A metropolitan city, Rio offers vibrant history, natural wonders, and an abundance of cultural experiences.

Home educators in Brazil are a growing community. Almost overnight, in a very short period of time in 2012, home education went from what was thought of as an eccentricity of a few deviant families to a legitimate option, with a shift in perspective that all families ought to have the ability to educate their children in a democratic country if they so choose. In the past, families had faced outright hostility from local and national officials and instances of fines and court cases occurred.

With this shift in mind—combined with the need for continued positive change—the Brazilian home education community invited the GHEC 2016 to Rio. Brazilian home educators continue to work to pass pro-home education legislation to clearly define the right of parents to direct the education of their children. Yet the media attention, subtle and increasing changes in public perception, and growing numbers of home educated students make a bold statement to the world and in particular countries that challenge the right of parents to make similar decisions.

So, come enjoy the  beaches at Copacabana and Ipanema. Make the climb up to Rio’s statue of the Christ, Cristo Redentor, who stands with arms outstretched atop Corcovado Peak overlooking the vast downtown. Experience the convenience of urban activities—a bustling city center, restaurants, and museums—combined with the natural beauty of the Parque Nacional da Tijuca trails and the Rio harbor.

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